Friday, December 23, 2005

I think I’m back on track.  The computer is still giving me problems.  However, I did manage to post the back pages to the Black Sword.  Of course, not perfectly.  I posted the December 22nd page twice.  Still, not too bad for not being able to get onto the internet for almost a week.  I’ve got another letter to the editor that was originally printed in the paper but I’m also going to post.  Here it is:

There is considerable Democrat complaining (Reid, Biden, etc.), with media support, about the appointment of judges, an Ambassador to the UN, President Bush’s agenda, etc.

The whining is reminiscent of the 1950’s when the Democrats (Senator Symington (Montana), Senator Lucas (Illinois) etc.), were attacking Senator Joe McCarthy as he identified numerous Communist in the Democratic Administration.

The pattern has not changed.  The truth is not relevant when the Democrats make accusations that have no foundation and the media is quick in their attempt to vouch for their fabrications.

It is really disappointing when you hear Members of Congress railing against the efforts of The Administration to make our Country a safer and more just place to live.

Frank Sarver


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