Tuesday, December 27, 2005

David C. Copley, chairman of The Copley Press Inc., which owns the Peoria Journal Star wrote a short article published December 25, 2005. (page A1)  In the essay he mentions Christmas, religion, and church.  He makes no reference to GOD; JESUS, the CHRIST; or the HOLY SPIRIT.  He does allude to the ability of people to make a difference—it seems with or without GOD, the creator of the universe.  He further declares “By almost any measure the world we live in this morning is a better place than the one my Grandfather experienced.”

Granted, he does not define what he means by better place.  My questions are:  

   Is it a better place to have murdered between 33-45 million innocent unborn babies over the last thirty three years?  

   Is it a better place to have the recognized sin of homosexuality being forced upon the nation as some kind of civil right?  

   Is it a better place to deny the existence of sin as the psycho babblers and libertines are attempting to do?  

   Is it a better place when the ACLU and similar groups are trying to exclude GOD from all public life?  

   Is it a better place when any computer literate 10 year old using the internet can access graphic videos of men and women having intercourse, women and women performing sexual acts upon each other, and/or men and men doing the same all in the name of freedom of speech?  

   Is it a better place when the America Academy of Pediatrics can proclaim a policy that “they (the doctors in the Academy) also should help ensure that all teens—not just those who are sexually active—have access to birth control, including emergency contraception.”? (7/5/05, A5, Peoria Journal Star)        

   Is it a better place when groups like Planned Murderhood are demanding that abortion pills be purchased over the counter which will ensure that girls of all ages will have access to them?

   Is it a better place when an unelected group of nine lawyers are allowed to rewrite the Constitution to suit their own concepts of how things should be?

I’m sure that each of you can add to this list.  We each must make our own decision on whether or not it is a better place.  However, there is hope.  But, it is not based upon what man can achieve or can not achieve.  It is the hope given to us by GOD in the form of HIS SON—JESUS.  JESUS died for our transgressions—or sins.  JESUS was buried.  JESUS was resurrected from the grave.  JESUS through GOD the FATHER defeated death!  No matter how long man is or has been on this planet, man can not now, never has been able to, and never will be able to—save himself.  We all need the GOD of the universe to spend eternity with HIM.  That is either a true or a false statement.  

JESUS, the CHRIST, is quoted as declaring “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14: 6b)  So, where do we place our hope?  On man to save himself or on JESUS the SON of GOD.  I know where my hope is and it is not on man!  


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