Tuesday, October 10, 2006

libertine rights?

I’m changing what I had planned to write tonight.  I was irritated by an article that was printed in the Peoria Journal Star on 10/9/06, page C5.  I’m quoting the article in its entirety.

New York (AP)—Keith Olbermann’s tipping point came on a tarmac in Los Angeles six weeks ago.  While waiting for his plane to take off he read an account of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s speech before the American Legion equating Iraq War opponents to pre-World War II appeasers.

The next night, on Aug. 30, Olbermann ended his MSNBC “Countdown” show with a blistering report, questioning both the interpretation of history and Rumsfeld’s very understanding of what it means to be an American.  (Who says the media isn’t impartial???—my addition)

It was the first of now five extraordinarily harsh anti-Bush commentaries that have made Olbermann the latest media point-person in the nation’s political divide.  (Again, another fine example of an impartial media!!!—my addition)

‘As a critic of the Administration, I will be (expletive deleted—my deletion) [although he may be absolutely correct in his use of the word—my addition] if you can get away with calling me the equivalent of a Nazi appeaser,’ Olbermann told The Associated Press.  ‘No one has the right to say that about any free-speaking American in this country.’

Since that first commentary, Olbermann’s nightly audience has increased 69 percent, according to Nielsen Media Research.  This past Monday 834,000 people tuned in, virtually double his season average.”

Olbermann is quoted as declaring, “No one has the right to say that about any free-speaking American in this country.”  Olbermann is absolutely, 100% wrong!!!  For a journalist, he should know that!!!  However, his comment is an excellent example of the rationale of the libertines in this nation.  “I can say anything I want to—I have free speech.  However, no one can say or do anything I equate as negative in response to my free speech comment.”

Therefore, he can criticize the war, but no one can criticize him for criticizing the war.  What utter nonsense.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the mindset of the libertines.

Thus, homosexual activists can demand that homosexuality be given the status of a civil right.  However, if anyone declares that homosexual behavior is a sin and morally a perversion, that person is labeled a homophobic and/or a HATER.  Libertines can convince an ignorant Supreme Court that the murder of unborn children is a Constitutional right.  However, if sane individuals picket the murder factories (abortion clinics), the Clinton Administration used a law designed to be used against organized mobsters to arrest and convict the picketers.  (Even the Supreme Court recognized that practice as an illegal use of the law.)  The “Dixie Chicks” can criticize President Bush publicly.  However, the buying public should not be able to response to that criticism by not buying their albums.  Illinois Senator Dick Durbin can compare the actions of a very small segment of the U.S. military to the actions of the Nazi’s of World War II and the atrocities of the Stalin era.  However, no one should criticize him for such a statement.  

Why is it that the libertines believe that they have the right to make their point (and they do), but no one has the right to make a counter point!!!  Why do only the libertines have freedom of speech???  Does Mr. Olbermann understand what it means to be an American?  I don’t think so, if he thinks only he can criticize something without the opposition being able to respond in kind.  But then, who has the right to criticize a libertine?  It seems only they have Constitutional rights!!!              


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