Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Federalism, Illegal Immigration, the Budget, and the United States Constitution

I received the following e-mail April 15th. I’m posting it today because this morning I read a related news story and both fit in with the ridiculous, debt increasing spending that is presently occurring at the federal level. The April 15th e-mail:

From: http://www.minutemanpac.com/

“Fellow Patriot,

Earlier this week, we reported that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the enforcement of key provisions of Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, considered one of the toughest (and most copied) in the nation.

Last July, the Department of Justice was pushed by the Obama Administration to sue the State of Arizona for passing the law cracking down on illegal immigration.

The legal costs for the State of Arizona have been enormous and are only going to get bigger as Gov. Brewer plans to appeal Arizona’s case to the Supreme Court.

Patriots, we are doing everything in our power to make sure this is not one more outrageous bill shoved onto the backs of taxpayers around the nation. Instead, we’re asking for your help on behalf of Arizona’s legal defense of SB 1070.

Defending Arizona’s hardline immigration law, SB 1070, from the onslaught of legal challenges pushed by the federal government and Pro-Amnesty activists around the nation has cost the state more than $1.5 million in donated funds.

Between August and November alone, legal fees totaled $470,322.24.

In July alone, Brewer’s law firm charged $621,846.16 for defending SB 1070. In May and June, it was another $440,520.45.

The greatest expenditures were for work related to the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit spurred by President Obama which continues to work itself through the legal system.

Thanks to the generosity of Patriots around the country, Gov. Brewer has been paying the astronomical legal fees with money in her Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund and trying not to put this burden on the back of taxpayers already overburdened by other expenses related to supporting the healthcare and welfare of the illegal immigrant population.

To date, more than 43,000 individuals in all 50 states have contributed to Gov. Brewer’s crackdown on illegal immigration with donations totaling more than $3.7 million to combat the Obama Administrations attack on anti-illegal immigration efforts.



It may seem like a large amount, but President Obama has all your tax dollars on his side as well as generous contributions from pro-Amnesty lobbyists all the way from Washington to Hollywood at his disposal to carry out his Amnesty agenda this year.

Fighting for the enforcement of immigration law is going to be an uphill battle with the open borders extremists fighting us tooth and nail especially as the 2012 election approaches.

And the Obama Administration is particularly determined to push through its Amnesty agenda once and for all in 2011.


President Obama is depending on 12 million new ‘citizens’ for his re-election. He is sacrificing the safety and security of America out of sheer, selfish desperation to cling to power for another four years.



YOUR tax dollars are being wasted by the federal government to wage legal warfare on the states taking illegal immigration policy into their own hands because the current Administration has failed to control our borders.

But, with your help and support, Minuteman PAC can help Arizona, and every other state combating illegal immigration, continue the fight against illegal immigration and the tolerance policy pushed by the Obama Administration and every leftwing loon in Washington.

Will you help us?

As you well know, Minuteman PAC is an independent Political Action Committee of the Minuteman civilian border security movement, supported by many volunteers of the nation’s oldest, largest and most-effective citizen’s border vigilance group, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Our mission is clear: Help elect candidates who carry out their constitutional duty to defend our borders and oust those who do not.

Meanwhile, your special gift of $35, $60, $100, or more will give us the financial ammunition we need to:

1) fund a massive anti-amnesty effort with a phone, TV, radio, newspaper, and Internet campaign;
2) mobilize Minuteman PAC activists from all over the nation to protest any legislative action that will reward illegal aliens with “amnesty”;
3) print and distribute literally million copies of our ‘WARNINGS TO WASHINGTON’ nationwide; and
4) provide direct financial support for debt retirement to our endorsed border security candidates.

So please, help us defend America from President Obama’s Open Borders-Amnesty agenda by electing Anti-Amnesty Patriots in 2012 and supporting Patriot states like AZ!

Click HERE


to help Minuteman’s efforts TODAY!

Thank you for reading our message, and for taking the time to forward our message to family and friends.

For America,
Minuteman PAC

P.S. Fellow Patriot, please help us fight alongside the Patriots in Congress as they wage war to SECURE OUR BORDERS in 2011! Your much-needed gift will help us rally patriot Americans do the job that Washington WON’T DO. So please, act now—TODAY! This much-needed gift of $35, $60, $100 or even $250 will help us rally patriot Americans to hold Congress—both establishment RINOs and pro-‘illegal alien’ leftists—accountable for SECURING THE BORDERS!”


One key point in the above e-mail is this: “YOUR tax dollars are being wasted by the federal government to wage legal warfare on the states taking illegal immigration policy into their own hands because the current Administration has failed to control our borders.”

If the State of Arizona has already spent 1.5 million dollars to defense itself from the federal law suit, you can be relatively sure that the federal government has spent a similar amount to prevent the State of Arizona from enforcing its own legally passed law. That’s a total cost of about 3 million dollars to deal with a law legally passed by the State of Arizona and patterned after the federal law. And the costs are not yet over since the case has not yet reached the Supreme Court. This seems to be spending on the part of the federal government not to fulfill the Constitutional duties of the federal government but rather to punish a State for trying to do what the federal government refuses to do. And as a corollary, to increase the voting ranks of one political party through federal government policy or lack thereof.

This morning the following headline was on the internet:

From: http://enews.earthlink.net/article/top?guid=20110509/d296a479-06e2-43f4-be28-630cba6439a8

“Arizona wants speedy ruling on immigration law

From Associated Press
May 10, 2011 3:27 AM EDT”

From the news story: “PHOENIX (AP)—Arizona officials would like the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in sooner rather than later on a trial judge’s decision to put the most controversial parts of the state’s immigration enforcement law on hold.

Gov. Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne and Senate President Russell Pearce said Monday the decision to skip a possible second appeal to an intermediate appellate court could save time (and money on both sides!—my addition) in resolving the case.

‘It seems like this is a big enough national issue that it will ultimately be determined by the United States Supreme Court,’ Horne said.”

“While Brewer said she is confident Arizona will prevail, several legal experts said the Supreme Court might be reluctant to take up the case at this relatively early stage.

‘This is a hot potato that it doesn’t have to grab hold of at this point,’ said Peter Spiro, a Tempe University law professor who specializes in immigration law.

University of Arizona law professor Gabriel ‘Jack’ Chin said the justices likely will refuse to grant Arizona’s request to review the trial judge’s injunction unless the federal government urges it to do so.”

Now here is the rub! The federal government originally either ignored the Constitution of the United States or doesn’t know what the Constitution of the United States requires! These so called “legal experts” who are quoted have either ignored the Constitution of the United States or don’t know what the Constitution of the United States requires! If the Supreme Court refuses to take the case immediately, the Court will have either ignored the Constitution of the United States or doesn’t know what the Constitution of the United States requires!

What you say! All these legal authorities are violating the Constitution of the United States? Sadly, the answer is yes. We have been ignoring a Constitutionally required procedure for years! Read the Constitution! The following are the plain words of the Constitution:

The United States Constitution, Article III, Section 2, ¶ 2:

“In ALL (my capitalization—my addition) Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”

To the federal government, the State of Arizona which had no control of the process, district federal court judges, legal “scholars,” federal appellate court judges, and Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States; read and OBEY the Constitution of the United States! This case and ALL cases in which a State is a party MUST begin and end in the United States Supreme Court! MUST!!! That is what the Constitution requires!

If the parties involved would have obeyed the Constitution of the United States in the first place, this case, if even accepted by the Supreme Court, would be in the Supreme Court NOW and may have even been settled by now. Instead probably 3 million dollars of our money has been spent, no resolution has occurred, and the State of Arizona is just now trying to get the case to the Supreme Court “early!” But, it NOT early! It’s late in the process. And the whole process has been a VIOLATED!!!

It is time, it is past time, that the Constitution of the United States be obeyed as written!!! It is time, it is past time, to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!