Friday, May 13, 2011

Federalism, Illegal Immigration, the Budget, and the United States Constitution—part 3

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From: The Tea Party Nation

“Obama and the moat
Posted by Judson Phillips on May 11, 2011 at 11:26am in Tea Party Nation Forum

It’s back, just in case you have not heard. Amnesty is back.

Obama is pushing ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ or as we all know, that means Amnesty.

Obama went to El Paso yesterday where he did what he does best. He lied. He claims he has been enforcing border security. His definition of border security must include telling Border Patrol Agents to engage heavily armed drug traffickers will bean bag guns, trying to turn illegals south, rather than arresting them, creating a virtual halt to deportations of non-violent criminals and sending Arizona signs to warn Americans that because of drug traffickers from Mexico, crossing into the United States illegally, parts of the United States are now too dangerous for them.

If Obama had really wanted to peg the irony meter, he could have done this speech in Arizona, but perhaps that would have been too much for even him. Instead, he mocked conservatives by saying Republicans wanted to build a moat and then put alligators in it.

No, Obama. We simply want the laws enforced and American lives protected.

The good news is it appears Obama is not that serious about pushing this issue. In a meeting a few days ago at the White House, illegal immigration enablers and activists were pushing Obama to use the powers of the Executive Branch to create a de facto Amnesty, which is something, so far, Obama seems unwilling to do.

Obama did seek to demonize the GOP and shore up his base among the left wing groups that support Amnesty and hate America. Unfortunately for those of us who support America and not Amnesty, there is a danger. We are relying on the GOP to protect us against Amnesty.

John Boehner, at least on this issue, has a pretty decent track record. The problem we have is that many in the GOP are squishy on this issue and do favor Amnesty. While the chances of Amnesty happening, particularly as we run up to an election are slim, we do need to remember how one Senator, Tennessee’s ‘Bail Out’ Bob Corker single handedly brought the Chris Dodd/Barney Frank Financial Regulation bill back to life and that monstrosity ended up being signed by Obama.

No discussion of the failure of the Obama regime to enforce the border laws, nor the Bush administration’s failure before, would be complete without mentioning the terrorist threat.

At least five of the 9/11 hijackers had overstayed visas. Drug smugglers bring in not only narcotics to this country and illegal aliens, but it almost strains belief to think that among those coming through the southern border there have not been jihadists and even weapons of mass destruction. While it would be difficult to bring a nuke in, there are biological and chemical precursors to WMD’s that could easily be smuggled in. Unfortunately, no one in Washington seems to care.

For decades, politicians in Washington have said, let’s have Amnesty and then we will fix the border. In 1986, they even got Reagan to sign off on an Amnesty in exchange for sealing the border. That was 25 years ago and we all know how that one worked out.

This time, our elected officials need to hear us loud. Before we discuss any type of ‘immigration reform,’ first the borders are sealed and those who are here illegally go back to their homes and apply the right way.

Then we talk.”

We may talk. However, here is my position on the matter. NO illegal immigrant, who violated our laws to enter the United States, is considered for legal entrance into the United States ahead of ANY immigrant who has NOT entered the U.S. illegally. In other words, ALL illegal immigrants go to the back of the legal immigration line. ALL of them! The federal government should not, MUST not reward illegal behavior in ANY way!!!

Meanwhile this news story demonstrates that the federal courts continue in violating the U.S. Constitution.


“Utah’s immigration law joins Arizona’s—in court

By Associated Press
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
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SALT LAKE CITY—Utah insists its new immigration law is different than Arizona’s, but the 1-day-old statute is similarly stuck before a federal judge who will hear arguments in two months about its constitutionality.

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups issued his ruling Tuesday in Salt Lake City just 14 hours after the Utah law went into effect. The legislation would have allowed police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest, and Waddoups said there is sufficient evidence that at least some portions of the law will be found unconstitutional.

The American Civil Liberties Union and National Immigration Law Center last week sued to stop the implementation of House Bill 497, saying it could lead to racial profiling. (Couldn’t just about any law lead to some type of profiling? Profiling is NOT unconstitutional! Profiling is smart and necessary and a basic law enforcement tool!!!—my addition)

The civil rights groups submitted hundreds of pages of evidence and affidavits to prove their claims ahead of a hearing Tuesday.”

Another inferior federal court violates the United States Constitution! Only the Supreme Court of the United States has original jurisdiction in cases in which the State is a Party!!! ONLY the Supreme Court!!!

The United States Constitution, Article III, Section 2, ¶ 2:

“In ALL (my capitalization—my addition) Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”

When are WE, the people going to DEMAND that the federal courts OBEY the very Constitution that they have sworn to uphold!!!

It is time, it is past time, that the Constitution of the United States be obeyed as written!!! It is time, it is past time, to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!