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Abortion: The Real War on Women California Democrat Party Style!

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From: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/05/13/california-democrats-defeat-sex-selection-abortion-ban-on-party-line-vote/

“California Democrats Defeat Sex-Selection Abortion Ban on Party-Line Vote
by Lori Arnold | Sacramento, CA | LifeNews.com | 5/13/14

Sex-selection abortion in California—which has evolved into a cottage tourism industry for women wishing to hand-pick their baby’s gender—will remain a protected practice after the Assembly Health Committee snubbed a proposal on May 6 to end the barbaric trend. As expected, the committee voted along party lines, 13-6 (Why would Democrats who are suppose to be the champion of women think it is alright to MURDER a girl because she is a girl?—my addition), squelching Assembly Bill (AB) 2336 (Grove R-Bakersfield).

In introducing her Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act at the hearing, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove offered statistics showing that entire population segments are shifting toward male majorities as experts estimate that 160 million girls have been killed either through sex-selection abortion or infanticide at birth by parents seeking a boy (My use of red! Amazing all those MURDERS because the baby is female!—my addition).

Grove cited evidence that women from China, India, and other nations where the practice has been outlawed are now coming to California to take advantage of the state’s dangerously deregulated abortion laws (That is sad when an American State is a sanctuary for the MURDER of girls!—my addition).

‘This is the real war on women: the killing of baby girls simply because they are girls (Yes, it is!—my addition),’ Grove told committee members. ‘We hear often in this Capitol building about women’s rights, equal rights for women, equal protection under the law, equal pay. Well colleagues, girls are being killed simply for being girls and its happening right here in California and not just Third World nations (And Democrats do not care! Planned MURDERHOOD is their goddess! They DO NOT care about women!—my addition).’

Grove also reminded committee members that multiple Planned Parenthood workers across the country have been captured on undercover videos assisting patients seeking abortions based on gender (Yes they have! And Democrats do not care! It is collateral damage!—my addition).

“Are American girls somehow less valuable or do they deserve less dignity, less worth (It seems the Democrat answer is yes!—my addition)?’ Grove said at one point in her testimony.

Brian Johnston, executive director of the California ProLife Council, told lawmakers that many of the three dozen or so countries that already ban sex-selection abortion are notably pro-choice.

‘They recognize the cultural coercion that takes place in their own culture,’ he said of India’s ban of gender-based abortion. ‘I think we need to recognize that Planned Parenthood and others are bringing about their own cultural coercion here in California and the government is paying for it (They are in the business of MURDER! The sex of the child is irrelevant to them! The reason for the MURDER is irrelevant to them!—my addition).’

Constituent support for the bill during the public hearing was overwhelmingly in favor of Grove’s bill by a 5-1 margin, with over 50 community members testifying on behalf of AB 2336.

Those few witnesses opposing the measure cited concerns over racial profiling, limiting access and enforcement (Racial profiling? Seriously?—my addition).

‘My constituents do not support this particular effort in restricting access to reproductive health services or interfering in that relationship that a woman has with her physician (What nonsense! They support the MURDER of unborn girls because they are girls? Constituents are Planned MURDERHOODS?—my addition),’ said Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-Culver City).

Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) said his allegiance was in protecting a woman’s right to make her own choices governing her body (What nonsense! A baby by definition IS NOT a womans own body! The baby has different DNA! This guy is too dumb to be a member of any elected body!—my addition).

‘The way the bill is crafted it seems to be a very significant roll back on a woman’s right to choose and that’s not something I’m prepared to support (It stops her from choosing to MURDER her own girl because she is a girl!—my addition),’ he said.

Although committee chairman Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) called the practice abhorrent he said he did not believe AB 2336 addressed the core issues of sex-selection abortion (Then rewrite it so it does! You are a doctor in government and do not know that? What a joke!—my addition).

“It actually criminalizes the discussion between a physician and their patient around reproductive choices (MURDER IS NOT a reproductive choice! MURDER stops reproduction! Are you sure he is a doctor? Democrats love sound bites! Democrats hate logic and the truth!—my addition),’ he told Grove.

Although the final vote tally was not a surprise, it was still particularly troublesome to pro-life advocates in California. In a quest for sensible, life-affirming public policy, many legislators and citizens alike have searched tirelessly for even the smallest area of common ground with supporters of abortion rights.

At every turn, it seems those efforts to limit the societal damage caused by the prevalent abortion-at-all-costs mentality have been thwarted by the consistent mantra of protecting women. Apparently, the cause does not apply to little girls (Because they do not care about women! They care about MURDER!—my addition). The inaction is stunning and we are listening.

How they voted:
Legislators voting yes on AB 2336 were

Rocky Chavez (R-Carlsbad);

Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego);

Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert);

Donald Wagner (R-Tustin); and

Marie Waldron (R-Escondido)

Those voting no were

Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco);

Susan Bonilla (D-Concord);

Rob Bonta (D-Oakland);

Wesley Chesbro (D-Ukiah);

Jimmy Gomez (D-Los Angeles);

Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego);

Richard Gordon (D- Los Altos);

Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina);

Bonnie Lowenthal (D-San Pedro);

Adrin Nazarian (D-Van Nuys);

Richard Pan (D-Sacramento);

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-Culver City); and

Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont)

LifeNews Note: Lori Arnold writes for the California Family Council.

Is there any question who is waging the real War on WomenDemocrats!

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