Thursday, December 29, 2005

In my December 26th post I wrote that the Chairman of The Copley Press Inc. had an article published on Christmas day (Peoria Journal Star).  Another quote from that article from page A1 is this, “Christmas is a time to focus on achievement and generosity.”

Meanwhile, the editorial staff on the paper decided not to write the normal, daily editorial(s).  Instead as part of their introduction to eight political cartoons printed on page A4 of the editorial page (12/25/05) they wrote this “At any rate, we were looking for a reason,…, to explain why we are again communicating the spirit of the season through illustration, with as few words as possible, with no other goal than to elicit a grin and perhaps a thought or two.”

As I said, this “grin and perhaps a thought or two” came in the form of eight political cartoons.  One cartoon featured the birth of JESUS, the CHRIST; one pictured carolers; and the other six made reference to Santa Claus in one way or another.  All eight of the cartoons were negative in scope.  Seven of the eight were liberal to libertine in the political philosophy being expressed or that was attempted to be expressed.  Only one did not have a political emphasis—Santa was delivering books instead of a new X Box 360.  (Personally I prefer books.  However, I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with receiving an X Box 360 or both.)  The birth of JESUS political cartoon in an obvious dig at Christians had two “wise men” fighting on the ground like animals because one wanted “Merry Christmas” to be the preferred greeting and the other wanted “Happy Holidays”.                    

In retrospect, I think the editorial staff may have missed the memo that “Christmas is a time to focus on achievement and generosity.”  Certainly, none of the eight political cartoons printed were remotely concerned with a “focus on achievement and generosity.”  I must admit that I did not take a public opinion poll on this; however my guess is that there probably wasn’t a lot of grinning being done by those who are not liberal to libertine and probably a number of people whose thoughts were more negative than positive.  Finally, do they really believe that the eight editorial cartoons represent the spirit of the Christmas season?  I sure hope not!  Will there ever be a time when the editorial staff will just leave the political philosophy behind for one day and “focus on achievement and generosity”?  

P.S.  I was channel surfing the other day.  I came across the Christmas program performed by Morton High School students.  The portion I saw had the orchestra play and a singer sing four Christmas songs in a row—“Joy to the World,” “Come All Ye Faithful,” “Hark, the Herald Angel Sing,” and “Silent Night, Holy Night.”  Guess what?  No religion was established and no catastrophe occurred.  Isn’t that amazing!  And it was perfectly constitutional!


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