Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yesterday, I wrote about the editorial on abortions written by the editorial staff of the Peoria Journal Star on 12/28/05, page A4.  Today, I want to continue to point out more problems with that editorial.  

The following is another quote from the editorial, “Perhaps no other issue has polarized Americans in the past 30 years as much as abortion, primarily because the vitriol has centered around its original legality.”  There is no question that the method and reasoning used to allow the murder of unborn babies was wrong.  Nine unelected Justices decided that all States must permit the murder of the unborn.  They reached this decision by their own rewriting of the U.S. Constitution since nothing within the Constitution remotely provided for such lunacy.  

However, the question of its legality is not why the decision is so abhorrent.  The decision its self is what is so vehemently condemned.  The whole concept that a mother somehow has a legal “right” to murder her unborn child is so repugnant that it must be condemned, repudiated, and changed.  If the editorial staff does not realize that simple fact, they are living in a dream world that is totally removed from reality.  NO ONE has the “right” to murder their own child!!!  NO ONE!!!

Another quote from the article declares “It’s time—past time—to shift the focus off Roe v. Wade.  Criminalizing abortion would merely drive it underground and make it unsafe, period.”  Who in the world gave this editorial board the power to declare that we should no longer be opposed to the murder of the unborn?  Then, the same tired, irrational, felonious argument is repeated.  If the nation does not allow the murder of the unborn, it will occur anyway and not only will the baby be murdered but the murderer’s life might be endangered also.  Yes, some mothers will continue to try to have an illegal abortion.  However, no one seriously believes that that number was in the past, is today, or in the future will be in the same horrifically high range as occurs now because it is allowed.  

More importantly, do these people realize the ramifications of such reasoning?  By that argument, no law should ever be enacted since no law can possibly prevent all instances of violating that law.  The law against murder does not prevent all murders.  Their real argument is that the murder of the unborn should be allowed because some unborn will be murdered anyway.  How totally ridiculous!!!  Their real justification is that the life of the unborn baby is of far less value than the life of the murdering mother.  Actually, their real argument is that the life of the unborn has no value!!!          


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