Friday, December 30, 2005

The editorial staff wrote another editorial on abortion published on 12/28/05 page A4.  It was titled “A common goal for both sides of the abortion debate.”  The common goal according to the essay is to lower the number of abortions that occur each year.  The editorial writers seem pleased that the number of reported murders of unborn babies in Illinois in 2004 was 41,577—that’s 41,577 murdered, innocent, unborn babies destroyed by abortions.  The essay is riddled with inaccuracies including that a common goal is to lower the number of murders of the unborn.

The editorial writers seem oblivious to the fact that if one’s goal truly is to lower the number of abortions it is an admission that abortion is wrong.  The truth is that if an abortion is not the murder of an unborn baby; then there would be no reason or need to lower the number of abortions.  If it is indeed “MY BODY,” then the destruction of that part of a woman’s body would not be of concern to the state as far as preventing the action.  But, of course, it is not the woman’s body but a new life created exactly as provided by GOD, the creator of the universe.  Secondly, I don’t believe the editorial board is qualified to determine the goal of those of us who know that an abortion is murder.  Our goal is not to lower the number of babies murdered each year although the lower the murder rate the better.  Our goal is to end the murder of innocent unborn babies.  Anything less continues the repugnant practice of murdering the unborn.  

They propose once again that abortion pills should be sold over the counter.  Of course as always, they deny that it really is an abortion pill.  Of course, they also believe that the murder of unborn babies should remain legal so who can possibly trust their judgment on this issue.  I certainly do not.  They also ridicule the attempt by some pharmacists to challenge the governor’s edict that they must dispense said abortion pill even if it violates their religious beliefs.  The fact is that if the “emergency conception pill” is in fact an abortion pill which it is, then the number of abortions reported in Illinois will never be accurate.  It is impossible to know how many pregnancies (pregnancies begin at conception just as human life begins at conception) have been ended (how many murders of unborn babies have occurred) by means of the abortion pills taken by women.  This is a quote from a Peoria Journal Star article published on 12/29/05, page B5.  “”However, some pharmacists oppose the rule on religious grounds since they believe Plan B (the so called “emergency contraception pill”—my addition) acts as a chemical abortion.”  Consequently, the very assumption by the editorial writers that this pill is no more than a form of contraception and should therefore be accepted by all is both misleading to the reader and wrong in its conclusion.

I love this arrogant statement by the editorial staff.  “For anyone interested in common sense (According to their view, you only have common sense if you agree with the editorial writers—my edition.), here’s a dream strategy:

1. ….

2. ….  Make Plan B, the ‘morning-after’ pill, available over the counter.”  These people are delusional.  First, they have demonstrated over an over again that their concept of common sense is anything but common sense.  It will never be common sense to make a contraception pill which is really an abortion pill available over the counter because it would be far too easy for young people of 10, 11, 12 years of age to get and use a murderous pill contrary to the wishes of their parents.  These writers seem to not have a clue to what common sense is!!!



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