Saturday, December 31, 2005

The last two posts, I have been discussing some of the statements advanced by the Peoria Journal Star’s editorial staff in their commentary entitled “A common goal for both sides of abortion debate.”  Continuing that tonight, the editorial writers proclaim “If anything, Illinois’ statistics prove that abortion can stay legal yet be an infrequent procedure.”  

Remember, the number of reported abortions in Illinois last year was 41,577!  Is that the actual concept of the editorial writers of infrequent?  41,577 murders in one year are more than 113 murders every day of the year!  It is almost 5 (4.746) murders every hour of every day of the year!  Imagine if we were having 4 murders every hour of every day in the streets of Illinois cities.  They would be screaming for a halt to the blood shed and rightly so.  

But, the 41,577 murders of innocent unborn babies are identified as infrequent and insanely given as a justification to continue the slaughter!  “Why, the death of over 4 unborn children every hour of every day isn’t too bad at all.”  “We are improving on our massacre of the innocent!”  “So by all means let us continue to murder them!”  How horribly insane that reasoning is!    

Here is the final insult to the intelligence of every reader reading this perverted, revolting, warped, immoral essay; “… and if pro-life groups realize that pro-choice doesn’t mean ‘anti-life’….”  WHAT!!!  That is exactly what pro-choice means!!!  Every time an abortion occurs a life is destroyed!  Every time!!!  The very definition of abortion is the terminated death of the unborn baby.  No way can these writers redefine the meaning of abortion to remove the death of the baby.  Every abortion results in death!!!  If that is not “anti-life” then up is down, black is white, women are men, men are women, and every one of these writers has won the Nobel Peace prize a dozen times each.  

If I had not read the statement I don’t think I would have believed that even these writers could proclaim such nonsense.  Unfortunately, they can.  Do you believe them???  Can you believe anything they write???    


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